Our Supervisors

Shooting Supervisors

In principle, our shooting supervisors are the first point of contact during the opening hours on site. They are available for all questions, wishes, but also for briefing for everyone. It is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions of the shooting supervisors to ensure a smooth shooting operation. The shooting supervisors also confirm training, competition or shooting book entries on site. Our shooting supervisors are listed under board.

Important: The daily updated shooting supervisors are advertised on the boards or in the shooting book on site for documentation. This also means that there is no need to search for the responsibility for a long time.


In addition, during shooting operations, there may be peak times when there are not enough shooting supervisors available. For this reason, the board of directors, especially the shooting supervisors, have convened further supervisors to take over the tasks here if necessary. Both our shooting supervisors and our supervisors are approved by a supervision training and examination for the assistance and supervision activities arising in the shooting operation (conform to the association). The approval of the individual persons can be inspected on site.

Our current supervisors:

  • Norbert Vogel
  • Nicole Aglassinger
  • Jürgen Burghardt
  • Udo Pschierer
  • Markus Steinbruckner
  • Lorenz Jäckel
  • Tobias Riedel
  • Thomas Golla
  • Steffi Bogisch
  • Michael Bogisch
  • Thomas Schenk
  • Jürgen Fischer
  • Heinz Beck
  • Uwe Beck
  • Helmut Geyer
  • Benedikt Wiesnet