Internal competitions

Internal competitions in the form of award shooting

We organize for our members at almost every season once a price shooting. This has a long tradition with us and also in the shooting tradition. We start the year with the Easter cup, followed by the big grand cup and as the end of the year the Advent cup. Let us briefly explain these competitions. 

For each participation in the competition a starter's fee will be charged, which is shown in advance on the notice boards. Depending on rank and placement, the shooter will receive a cash prize back after the evaluation. Any club member can participate, advance registration is not required.

Round competitions

The classic team mode

In the classical sense, clubs with a certain number of shooters compete against each other as a team. This is organized in the form of disciplines, classes and groups by the Higher Association. Further information is listed on their website.

In order to participate in these competitions, membership of the association is mandatory. At the beginning of each season all club members are invited to the so-called athletes' meeting. This is also where the team building takes place. Everybody who wants to participate here must attend this meeting.

Other competitions


Many other competitions are organised by the parent associations. For participation, the respective association membership is also required. There will be an announcement in our club info as soon as registrations are open. However, for organisational reasons it is unfortunately only possible to make the most important announcements and not all of them. The shooters inform and register themselves for the competitions and are therefore responsible and liable for the fees.