Club and Enterprise Cup

For association members and employees of all companies from Selb and surroundings


The Shooting Club Einigkeit Buchwald Längenau 1911 e.V. cordially invites you again this year to its popular shooting event. The club and company cup shooting is intended to give you and your colleagues the opportunity to be active as a group outside the usual setting. The fun and amusement should be in the foreground, spiced up with some competition feeling.


Every association and every company from Selb and its surrounding area can participate. Only one team has to be registered under the corresponding name. More than one team per club or company can also take part. All persons aged 12 and over who are members of the club or employees of the company can start for the teams. One person can start as a shooter for several teams (e.g. as an employee of company X and as a member of club Y). Shooting club teams are excluded from participation.

Procedure and scoring

Shots are fired sitting down, with the air rifle. Each participant receives individual instruction from our friendly stand supervisors and can then familiarise himself or herself with the sports equipment during the test shooting. Afterwards, the 10 evaluation shots are fired, which are evaluated on 10th rings. Due to this mode almost every person can participate in this event. The use of own air rifles is prohibited due to equal opportunities. There are evaluations once for the teams and then an individual evaluation for the groups of persons youth (12-18 years), women and men.

In the team classification the sum of the results of the 5 best shooters is counted. In the event of a tie, the result of the sixth best shooter is decisive, etc. In the case of individual classifications, the shooter's best 10 series will count. In the case of equal scores, the second best series counts, etc.

Costs and gains

Costs are incurred once for the team registration in the amount of 10.00 € and per 10 shot series of 2.50 € including insurance.

Prizes will be awarded in the form of cups for the best 5 teams and for places 1 to 3 of each group of people. For the three clubs / companies with the highest number of participants there is a most participation price. The starters of all teams of a club / company are added together.

For the most starters there are the following prizes:

  1. Prize: Cash prize 75,- € (e.g. for a sucking pig)
  2. Price: 30 litres of beer
  3. Price: 10 litres of beer



At any time you can register on the shooting days on site at the clubhouse or in advance by email to
Please understand that if there is a large crowd, a certain waiting time for a free shooting range must be accepted.

Groups are generally asked to register and to send a provisional list of participants (name, first name, date of birth and desired shooting date).
The registration or appointment booking can be made by email. For the appointment reservation the chronological order of arrival is decisive. Please understand that certain dates may already be fully booked.
Please send registrations and questions to During the shooting hours we are available at the Schützenhaus under 09287 / 3103.


Results are published every evening on our homepage via the menu item "Results" under "Media".
So every team and every participant can see if there are any series to buy for the ranking or if there are persons to activate for the most participation price.

Thirst and hunger from excitement

We don't want that. I'm sure we'll object to that. The members of the shooting club Buchwald-Längenau wish all participants a lot of fun and success at the event.

Short Facts

When & Where?

  • Dates see events
  • Registration on site possible
  • Group booking by mail possible
  • Club site Buchwald

Who & What?

  • Each member of an association
  • Every employee of a company
  • Excluded: rifle clubs
  • Snacks & Drinks

Costs & Awards?

  • 10€ per team, 2,50€ per series 
  • Teams: Place 1-5 Cups  
  • Youth, men, women: place 1-3 cups
  • Mostly participation prizes