Our shooting ranges

The club's own shooting ranges offer members and guests the following possibilities for a variety of shooting disciplines.

Air pressure Shooting range

On the 10 meter air pressure range there are 8 target pulling systems for airguns with an energy of up to 7.5 joules. Three are additionally designed for three-position combat and one also for the discipline crossbow 10 meters.

Small firing range

On the small 10-metre firing range there are the facilities for the dynamic disciplines for air pressure and airsoft weapons. A folding target system, a falling target system and a system for speed shooting are available, as well as the equipment for airsoft-IPSC shooting (AIPSC).

25 / 50 meter combination

The combined 25- and 50-metre range will offer 6 disc pulling systems for 25 and 50 metres and at 25 metres a turntable system with 5 discs and a folding disc system with 5 plates. There is also a holder for the 25-metre speed disciplines.
The stand approval allows shooting with long, short and black powder weapons with a bullet energy of up to 4500 joules.