Carnival in Buchwald

Traditional carnival with dance event meets partying youth

Agenda and procedure

The slogan is not an error of expression on our part. As a traditionally rooted association we always try to keep up with the times. That is why the event is designed for a mixed audience of young and old. For the early evening the classical dance event with mask awarding is on the schedule, whereas at the later hour the musical taste of the younger audience is guaranteed to be met.

The physical well-being is well taken care of, thanks to a bar with catering, a special outdoor bar and a separate indoor bar, additional shuttle service (nightliner if necessary) and taxis are available on site. For the shuttle service, a pick-up point may have to be arranged in advance by telephone. Further information will be posted on local notices or on our Facebook page as soon as possible. Our helpers at the bars and the security take care of strict compliance with the law for the protection of minors!

Tickets - Presale and box office

Presale tickets are discounted and available at the following sales points: Hairdresser Doris Netzsch, lottery retailer at toom DIY store Selb. In addition, there is a box office for last-minute customers. The prices for this can be seen on the posters.

Short Facts

When & Where?

  • Every year
  • see Calendar
  • Presale starts 4 weeks before
  • Club site Buchwald


  • "Early Bird" Specials
  • Mask award ceremony
  • Outdoor bar & cellar bar
  • Bar and catering
  • Snacks to eat
  • Shuttleservice & Taxis on site


  • Hairdresser Doris Netzsch 
  • Lottery retailer in the toom DIY store Selb
  • Box office